Helios represents the combination of two Defi concepts:

  • Vote-Escrow - first introduced by Curve to enhance incentives for long-term token holders

  • Staking/Rebasing/Bonding or (3,3) game theory - designed by Olympus DAO

By combining the VE (3,3) mechanism, Helios rewards behaviors that correlate with its success, such as providing liquidity (LP) and holding long-term tokens.

  • Liquidity providers receive HELI emissions.

  • VeHELI holders receive Fees, Bribes, Rebase, and governance power.

The main parties involved in the typical AMM.

  • veHELI holders: Encouraged to vote for the highest volume groups or bribed by protocols seeking to enhance their liquidity

  • LPs: Liquidity providers are incentivized with weekly HELI emissions

  • Traders: Benefit from low slippage due to provided liquidity, combined with the latest vAMM/sAMM technology.

  • Protocol: Protocols have access to the liquidity layer in a cooperative direction. They benefit from efficient trading conditions for their tokens through the provided incentives.

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