🗳️Gauge Voting

Introducing the Protocol Revenue Access for veHELI holders, who can now cast their vote for Gauges every week and receive 100% transaction fees and bribes from the pool they voted for. Additionally, veHELI holders can participate in governance by voting on proposals to improve the protocol. As a veHELI voter, you can receive Trading Fees, Bribes, and a weekly veHELI rebase.

Helios operates on an adjustable fee structure, which promotes competitive swap pricing and substantial revenue for veHELI voters, increasing locking ratios and encouraging liquidity provision. Transaction fees can also be adjusted over time, with vAMM at 0.2% and sAMM at 0.03%.

As a veHELI holder, you can decide which liquidity pool group receives emissions during a particular Epoch by voting for your preferred Gauges. HELI emissions will be distributed based on the total votes received by each liquidity pool group. In return, voters receive 100% transaction fees and bribes from the liquidity pool they voted for.

Please note that voting for Gauges or any other veHELI-related action can only be done once per Epoch. While limiting the number of participants in a protocol action per Epoch may not be ideal, it makes the protocol more secure against potential mining behaviors.

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