👋Welcome to Helios Exchange

At its core, Helios is an AMM for protocols on Arbitrum designed to encourage liquidity sensibly for its specific use cases. Based on Solidly's foundation, our team has tackled the core issues of its first iteration to realize its full potential.

Before building Helios, we were a dedicated team of experienced Defi developers. Observing Solidly's promises and inherent flaws, we realized that Solidly could not disappear without leaving a gap in the AMM field. The ve(3,3) mechanism integrated into the AMM has matured, been widely adopted, and is supported by many relevant parties. This is the ideal time to launch an advanced version of an AMM to solve the limitations of current AMMs.

We developed Helios as the original liquidity layer for Arbitrum, allowing for value creation by opening gates for new protocols seeking to solve initial liquidity issues and for protocols seeking long-term solutions to reduce costs for their liquidity incentives. Helios is a public product owned by protocols and users, contributing to its status as a top AMM.

We believe a collaborative strategy is necessary for a decentralized and open economy to surpass competitors and bring a leading product to the market.

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