Helios Finance uses two types of tokens to manage its utility and governance:

  • HELI — Protocol utility token (ERC-20)

  • veHELI — Governance token as an NFT (ERC-721)

Heli Token (HELI)

  • Name: Heli Token

  • Symbol: HELI

  • Allocation:

HELI is used to reward liquidity providers through Emissions.

veHELI is used for governance. Any HELI holder can lock their HELI and receive veHELI.

The lock-up period (also known as the voting period, hence the VE prefix) can be up to 4 years, according to the linear relationship shown below:

  • Locking 100 HELI for 6 months receives 12.5 veHELI

  • Locking 100 HELI for 1 year receives 25 veHELI

  • Locking 100 HELI for 2 years receives 50 veHELI

  • Locking 100 HELI for 4 years receives 100 veHELI

veHELI Token (veHELI)

  • Name: veHELI

  • symbol: veHELI

  • Network: Arbitrum

Protocol Revenue Access: veHELI holders can vote for weekly Gauges and receive 100% of trading fees and bribes from the pool they have voted for.

Governance Participation: veHELI holders can participate in governance and vote on proposals for improving the protocol. veHELI voters will receive:

  • Trading fees

  • Bribes

  • Weekly veHELI rebases Each epoch in Helios lasts for 7 days. After that, the Bribes and Trading Fees are distributed. You only earn from the Gauges you have voted for.

Features of veHELI token:

  • ve(3,3) Mechanics

  • Gauge

  • Bribes

  • Max Lock

  • Farming Boost

  • Flexibility

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